In 2018, a handful of Transition actors in Luxembourg decided to create a “cooperative and participatory supermarket” to meet their needs. To be able to consume better, to favour local production, to do good for the planet while doing good for their wallet

This idea is based on the model of the Park Slope Food Coop in New York, which has been in operation for over 40 years, and following on from La Louve in Paris, one of the very first in France.

A 100% voluntary project

The Altercoop project is driven by a team of enthusiasts. Organised in working groups, we meet regularly to improve the functioning of our grocery shop. We use Slack for daily management and meet at the shop or on Zoom for meetings.

Altercoop is a project of the Transition Movement and is part of the CELL family (The Hub of the Movement in Luxembourg)

Altercoop is today more than 100 co-operators that we can’t present all on this page:

Eugène, who coordinated the entire construction site, and for whom nothing is impossible (and certainly not breaking down a wall because we need to put a door in it)
Caroline who pulls new supplier contacts out of her hat at every product group meeting
Jérôme who systematically turns his shift into an Altercoop fiesta and makes plans for the future of our grocery shop
Camille who took on the management of social networks when she realised that we weren’t very good at it
Denis who, when presented with our project to buy his honey, liked it so much that he is now a cooperator
Andrea, who jokes with visitors when we go to her shop
And all the others!

Our missions

Social: The price of the cooperative’s shares is significantly reduced for the less well-off cooperators. Our aim is to allow as many people as possible to have access to healthier food by offering prices that make this possible.

Environmental: The ambition to limit our impact on the planet by offering organic products or products from short circuits, thus limiting our greenhouse gas emissions and our use of phytosanitary products.

Our objectives:

1/ To offer quality products at a better price.
2/ To promote the financial accessibility of local and organic products for all.
3/ To offer the most complete range possible (to be able to do all your shopping at Alter-coop)
4/ A social and environmental project, developed and supported by its members

Our values

No profit
Solidarity and inclusiveness
Reduction of our environmental impact
Shared governance

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