The stages of the project

A collective project is being built little by little,

Before opening our grocery shop, we started with a buying group in the garage of a cooperator, and now we have a shop!

Step 1: The purchase group

The buying group allows you to order your products online a few days in advance and to come and pick them up from a cooperator at an unbeatable price. It also allows us to meet and discuss the progress of the project between cooperators in a friendly atmosphere.

Our products

1/ Quality products at a better price.

2/ Organic products and more ‘classic’ products that can be found in traditional stores, while respecting the values chosen by the cooperators

3/ A range of products covering the vast majority of your needs (no need to go to 3 shops to shop)

This allows members to choose where to spend their money to consume according to their tastes or their means.

We are committed to products that are better for the environment, health and society. This means that we will favour local and organic products but without excessive attachment to a label, fair trade, while always keeping in mind that accessibility of products for all is our main concern.

For the buying group, we made the conscious choice to buy from the Mesa (Maison de la Transition in Esch) for products from small producers, and from Biog, a wholesaler in organic products from a cooperative. This choice was made in order to centralise the journeys: as the buying group has no stock, the ecological impact of numerous individual journeys to each producer each week would destroy our efforts to minimise our environmental impact.

Our suppliers

You want to be part of it?

Step 2 : the grocery shop

After spending a year and a half in Bamhaus, in Dommeldange, we had to leave the place to our greatest regret because our activity could not take place on an industrial site.

We are now looking for a new place to host our citizen grocery store, Any idea? want to help?