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    What does it mean to be a cooperator?
    It means supporting the project by buying shares in the cooperative. There are 3 types of cooperators: discreet, active and super-active.
    Why do I have to give 3 hours per month?
    This is the basis of the functioning of a cooperative supermarket: everyone owns the supermarket and those who want to consume there work three hours a month.
    Thanks to this system, it is the customers who decide what their shop does and becomes. There are less wage costs and therefore less charges and that’s how we can offer such low prices to everyone!
    I like your project but I don’t have time to do 3 hours a month?
    If you can’t do 3 hours a month, that’s okay; you are still welcome to join the project as a discreet cooperator, i.e. you own one or more shares in the cooperative and thus support the project financially. In this case you can’t shop there.
    What if I want to get more involved?
    Welcome, we were waiting for you! To become a super-active cooperator, just write to us at or even on Facebook and Instagram
    What if I can’t commit to the same slot every month?
    Just contact us and we’ll work it out. Some tasks can be adapted to the most irregular schedules and are reserved for people who need flexible hours.
    How much does it cost to become a cooperator?
    It costs 100 euros, or ten shares of 10e which you buy only once! This is a minimum, to support the project some people take 200e, 500e, 1000e shares in the cooperative. This money is a share in the cooperative, which is clearly recorded in our register of cooperators.
    Money should not be a barrier to your participation and for those for whom 100e is too much, you can benefit from a reduced membership fee of 10 euros (i.e. 1 share). It gives you exactly the same rights and duties as the other cooperators.
    What if I want to leave the co-op?
    We will wish you well and you will have the choice between remaining a discreet cooperator to support the project, or taking back your shares and having them refunded (see conditions in the statutes).
    Where do the products come from?
    The products come from the Mesa (transition house in Esch), from small local producers and from Biog (Luxembourg organic wholesaler). Gradually, more products will come from small producers. You can find more details on the “products” page of this website.
    How else can I support Altercoop?
    By becoming a discreet co-operator, by making us known in your network, by offering us press coverage, by helping us find premises, by offering us a sponsorship of skills… you can help Altercoop in many different ways.
    Why a buying group before the supermarket?
    We started the project with a buying group, but now a grocery shop is open at Bamhaus, 18A, rue de la cimenterie, 1337 Luxembourg.
    What happens if I can’t make my 3 hour slot?
    You let us know as soon as possible and you can go shopping again when you have done so. Of course, there are accommodations for pregnant women, sick people etc.
    I still have questions before I join… Great! We love to chat, email us at and we’ll be happy to answer you

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